Manjula Pankhania


I am from London, UK. For 38 years I worked for the government in taxation and I always had great interest in trading but due to conflict of interest I was not able to trade.
After I left my job I signed up with company to learn trading in UK, paid huge amount of monies and no value in teaching received, in fact at the training further courses were being sold. At the end of course I learned absolutely nothing.
Recently I was introduced to Forex Manipulation and signed up with one of their courses and feel very confident to trade. The teaching was delivered to every little detail in plain English and easy to follow and understand with lessons and homework. I was confused on a particular area and Indranil continued to teach until I understood (that’s 3 hours teaching). I found it easy to understand which allowed me to build my confidence.
I recommend Forex Manipulation for anyone that has interest and passion to be independent trader.
I completed my course in May 2020 and even to this day I receive great support. I have never seen a company where after customer care continue.
Before I started I always thought charts are too complicated but believe you me this course I have completed has allowed me to comfortably trade with carrying out risk management.