home slider forex manipulation Know how 90-95% of the forex traders lose money due to lack of knowledge of market manipulation. Know More we reveal home slider forex manipulation Know how 90-95% of the forex traders lose money due to lack of knowledge of market manipulation. Learn More we reveal

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What Makes Forex Manipulation Number One Education Provider in Forex Industry?

Approximately $6 trillion is being traded in this market every day, and that’s why there’s a myth that forex market cannot be manipulated.

Forex market is money driven, in this game a game is being played where the rules are unknown to 95% of the forex traders.

All the new or intermediate forex traders reads the same books,use the same strategy or use the same set of indicators which is known to a group of traders, and that’s how the market is designed to hit their stops and fill the pockets of big groups.

Wherever you go they offer signals with 99% accuracy or some kind of educational strategy with cute pink indicators which leads to your trading account to margin call and lose faith in forex, it’s because blind leading a blind. This might break you emotionally if you are a new forex trader, but there is no system available with 99% accurate in this forex business.

Trading Indicators can never be profitable, indicator just shows the behaviour of price. As the price changes, confirmation of indicators also changes.

As a trader when you learn to identify the peak and bottom of any upcoming trend, you will be able to identify all the potential reversals in every tradable pair which can reward you beyond your expectation and much more.

Retailtechnical analysis and Risk Management can make you profitable for one month or two, but not for the rest of your life.

We at Forex Manipulation, pride in our Philosophy to providing the right Education to become the most efficient successful trader by understanding the manipulations.

You have the choice either become a victim or play the victory!!!!!

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Forex Manipulation, is one of the leading education Provider Based out of London, UK.

We came into business seeing many companies misleading forex traders and forex aspirants with improper knowledge, trading tools and bunch of cute indicators which can never make them profitable in the long run.

We take responsibility to reveal the true and authentic picture of Forex Market to our Members and Students. We make sure to guide them with proper steps for turning them into a successful and consistent trader in any market condition so that they can trade to live.


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We are followed by more than +6000 Forex Trader

ForexManipulation is a place where we assist every forex trader to achievetheir trading goals with our free analysis, webinars and also assisting them in various way. Moreover, you can discuss your trade setups with more than 2000+ active traders in the chatroom.

we think you’d be a wonderful addition to the group and hope you’ll consider joining us.

we offer everything to make a trader profitable

Mentioning few of them below that you simply wouldn’t want to miss out on!

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  • Live Trade streaming by expert trader
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  • Manjula Pankhania

    I am from London, UK. For 38 years I worked for the government in taxation and I always had great interest in trading but due to conflict of interest I was not able to trade. After I left my job I signed up with company to learn trading in UK, paid huge amount of monies […]
  • Maria Johnson

    I am from London, UK. I joined a Forex trading company early this year with the intention to become a trader, but also to have financial freedom. It all started well, I learned the basics of Forex and had some webinars on trading methods and strategies. I received daily trading signals. Some I win some […]
  • Geetha Ramakrishnan

    I live in London, work in compliance and am a first time trader. I took the Manipulation Analyst course to understand forex trading. From the start, I found the teaching to be very comprehensive and easy to understand ever for a new beginner like me. Every effort was made to explain until the concepts were […]
  • Mitchell Foster

    I am writing my review after 2 months of my membership with forexmanipulation.com I searched a lot for profitable signal providers on the internet but never got one. Finally, I joined them also &the real difference came from learning their exact risk management course which they provide along with the signal package, there is weekly […]

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