Maria Johnson


I joined a Forex trading company early this year with the intention to become a trader, but also to have financial freedom. It all started well, I learned the basics of Forex and had some webinars on trading methods and strategies. I received daily trading signals. Some I win some I lost money. Sometimes the webinars were helpful but also confusing. But I wanted to learn Forex trading. I invested money and entered trades from signals send to me and some were trading I tried myself, because I learned that the trend is your friend. I got a reality check when I lost all my money and my trading account was closed. A shock of my life never have I felt so low. I told myself I am finish with Forex trading, it’s just a scam. Then I was introduced to Inadril, he gave me a brief overview of how the Manipulators trade. Somehow it all made sense. I started weekly webinars with Inadrill and he also thought me the proper price manipulation analysis, MM method of trading and the psychology behind trading. I had to unlearn certain bad habits of trading which was difficult but finally managed to unlearn. I opened a demo account to test his methods, at first it was difficult. The more I practice, I became comfortable to enter my own trades. The method and strategies he though me gave me the confidence to analyse the market enter a trade and make money. This would have never been possible with the help of Inadril’s mentoring and support. I am forever grateful for his encouragement he gave. I would recommend anyone to learn his methods and tactics.